24 May 2016
17 May 2016

AWS Cross Accounts Access: Part 2

by Flux7 Labs / May 17, 2016 / AWS 0

Cross Accounts Access Set-Up and Benefits

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09 May 2016

AWS Cross Accounts Access: Part 1

by Flux7 Labs / May 09, 2016 / AWS 0

Here at Flux7, as
AWS partners, we perform hundreds of AWS account reviews and we always start at the same place: AWS Account Architecture.

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27 Apr 2016

Improved Security with AWS CodeCommit

by Samprita Hegde / April 27, 2016 / AWS 0



AWS CodeCommit is a fully managed version control management service offered by Amazon Web Services. It is a highly scalable and fully managed hosted service. It is compatible with Git and hence all of the git commands work with AWS CodeCommit. AWS Codecommit is highly secure in the sense that the data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. The repositories offered under this service are private by default. AWS Codecommit supports both HTTPS and SSH protocols.

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13 Apr 2016

Docker Security, Hardened Containers and a Layered Strategy

by Aater / April 13, 2016 / Docker 0


Docker recently unveiled version 1.10 of its popular container technology. Security was a major focus of the release with several features designed to strengthen the security of Docker containers. According to the Docker blog,

“All the big features you’ve been asking for are now available to use: user namespacing for isolating system users, seccomp profiles for filtering syscalls, and an authorization plugin system for restricting access to Engine features. Another big security enhancement is that image IDs now represent the content that is inside an image, in a similar way to how Git commits represent the content inside commits.”

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07 Apr 2016
22 Mar 2016

AWS Autoscaling Case Study:  Multi-region website meets high availability and performance requirements for a marketing campaign

by Tamarie / March 22, 2016 / Case Studies, AWS 0

Flux 7 Helps HomeAway Save Christmas in the Nick of Time


As the world’s leading online marketplace for the vacation rental industry, HomeAway aims to help families and friends find the perfect vacation rental to create unforgettable travel experiences together.

And while many families like to get away for the holidays, two-thirds of kids worry that Santa won’t find them if they aren’t home on Christmas. As a result, this past holiday season HomeAway launched a marketing campaign to proactively address the issue.

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17 Mar 2016

DevOps in the Cloud helps Transform Retail Enterprise

by Tamarie / March 17, 2016 / DevOps 0

A Fortune 1000 Retailer Transforms IT with DevOps in the Cloud Increases Global Agility, Availability and Market Competitiveness while Maintaining PCI Compliance

This leading retailer decided that the creation of a new portal was just the proof of concept it needed for a larger initiative to transform its IT function, addressing the weaknesses in its traditional on-premises infrastructure and lengthy, manual IT processes. The IT team’s goals to help the business deliver more quickly to market in a secure, highly available, agile fashion fell in lockstep with the DevOps approach and as a result, they quickly set a path to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a platform to launch both the new portal and DevOps initiative.

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25 Feb 2016

Ansible Playbooks for Provisioning and Managing AWS Environments

by Yan Kurniawan / February 25, 2016 / AWS 0

 In our last blog post, we discussed how Ansible’s configuration management tools can benefit Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments – especially for DevOps focused organizations. Today we’d like to share how to realize those benefits with Ansible Playbooks.

Playbooks are Ansible’s configuration, deployment, and orchestration language. Keeping in line with Ansible’s focus on simplicity without sacrificing security and reliability, Playbooks purposefully have a minimum of syntax because they aren’t meant to be a programming language or script, but rather a model of a configuration or a process.

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18 Feb 2016

Case Study: Creating Scalable IOT Infrastructure Rooted in DevOps Principles

by Tamarie / February 18, 2016 / DevOps, AWS 0

A Fortune 500 manufacturer was using Hadoop, internal data centers, Rackspace and CenturyLink to facilitate services that connected its customers with data insights using an Internet of Things model. The overarching goal: to facilitate continuous data-driven improvement within its customers’ operations. To help achieve this goal and overcome its Hadoop scaling issues, the company engaged with Flux7. Additionally, the manufacturer sought a global solution that would comply with EU data privacy laws.

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