24 Jun 2016

AWS Application Discovery Does the Heavy Lifting for Cloud Migration

by Flux7 Labs / June 24, 2016 / AWS 0

As AWS consultants, we have helped a wide variety of clients make the transition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) through a migration. Inevitably, one of the more complex and time consuming phases of cloud architecture planning is helping the enterprise get its arms around the assets it intends to migrate and making a plan based upon that data. Luckily, Amazon recently announced a new service called Application Discovery that helps expedite the process and make it much easier to dig in and begin planning.

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16 Jun 2016

Join us at DockerCon 16

by Flux7 Labs / June 16, 2016 / Docker 0


We are really looking forward to DockerCon next week and hope to see you there. It will be our second time co-presenting a customer solution on stage and think you’ll be fascinated to hear what Jay Blanchard of Fugro and our very own Aater Suleman have to share. They’ll present the story of how Fugro and Flux7 brought a new Internet of Things (IoT) based service to market with high uptime and portability, based on Docker containers and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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15 Jun 2016

Flux7 Selected as AWS Migration Competency Program Partner

by Flux7 Labs / June 15, 2016 / AWS, News & Updates 0

Enterprises are migrating critical infrastructure to AWS at increasingly rapid rates and seeking to partner with experts to help speed migrations and reduce the risks of adopting this new technology. Late last week AWS announced its official migration competency partners and Flux7 is on the list, chosen for our deep experience and proven ability in helping businesses move successfully to AWS.

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06 Jun 2016
01 Jun 2016
26 May 2016

AWS SSM for Improved Security, Auditability and Automation

by Flux7 Labs / May 26, 2016 / AWS 0

Amazon Simple Systems Manager or SSM as we’ll refer to it throughout this article, is a great example of an important feature in the Amazon Web Services toolset that we try to highlight for our clients because of its DevOps, compliance and security benefits. As AWS partners recognized for our customer service and expertise, we are often asked about the implications of specific AWS features and their benefits.

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24 May 2016
17 May 2016

AWS Cross Accounts Access: Part 2

by Flux7 Labs / May 17, 2016 / AWS 0

Cross Accounts Access Set-Up and Benefits

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09 May 2016

AWS Cross Accounts Access: Part 1

by Flux7 Labs / May 09, 2016 / AWS 0

Here at Flux7, as
AWS partners, we perform hundreds of AWS account reviews and we always start at the same place: AWS Account Architecture.

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27 Apr 2016

Improved Security with AWS CodeCommit

by Samprita Hegde / April 27, 2016 / AWS 0



AWS CodeCommit is a fully managed version control management service offered by Amazon Web Services. It is a highly scalable and fully managed hosted service. It is compatible with Git and hence all of the git commands work with AWS CodeCommit. AWS Codecommit is highly secure in the sense that the data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. The repositories offered under this service are private by default. AWS Codecommit supports both HTTPS and SSH protocols.

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