11 Jan 2017

Most Popular Blogs of 2016: Cloud Transformation

For the past few days we’ve been reviewing the most widely read themes of 2016 here on the Flux7 blog. In case you are just joining us, we’ve already discussed the benefits and challenges of containers, configuration management, and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) in an AWS DevOps environment. Wrapping it all together, we end our Best of 2016 series with our most talked about articles on Amazon cloud computing.

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08 Nov 2014

Cloud Computing: An Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Business Agility

by Flux7 Labs / November 08, 2014 / Cloud Computing 0

As we approach the Super Bowl of Amazon Web Services, our thoughts quickly turn to the cloud advantages you need to keep your dev team focused on your business. And to those that meet customer demand with secure, scalable and compliant infrastructure using AWS automation tools. Superb goals, indeed.

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18 Aug 2014

Why Startups Need Good Cloud Consulting Partners

by Flux7 Labs / August 18, 2014 / Cloud Computing 0

Recently, Foote Partners, an IT benchmark research and advisory firm, released data on the most in-demand skills and certifications in the IT market. We weren’t surprised to see cloud architecture experts topping the list, or to be specific, architecture and cloud skills. An article about the survey is here, from FierceCIO: “Architecture and cloud skills top IT employer 'most wanted' lists.

In our cloud consulting work at Flux7, we see this to be a real need in enterprises, mid-sized organizations, and particularly in startups.

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08 Aug 2014

Ignoring the Cloud … Not Anymore!: Cloud Stats Rule

by Flux7 Labs / August 08, 2014 / Cloud Computing 0

It’s a well-known fact that we, as humans, tend to have this secret crush on stats. We are taken in awe when we see numbers. You know what I’m talking about … right?

For example, I believe that 75% of you reading this post will feel mind-blown when you read this:

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27 Jun 2014
30 May 2014

The Power of Cloud Computing

by Flux7 Labs / May 30, 2014 / Cloud Computing 0

Cloud computing is surrounded by a lot of hype, and it’s becoming increasingly important during recent years for organizations. The reason why is cloud computing is leading to a rethinking of the Internet’s capability. Cloud computing is propped to completely delocalize computing power and technology for developers, and other users of it.

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