06 Mar 2015

Optimizing Your Software Development Cycle

by Flux7 Labs / March 06, 2015 / DevOps 0

The technological world is always changing. In fact, technology is moving at such a rapid pace that a recent trend has been constant pressure on digital businesses to deliver more software updates more frequently. It’s now common for apps, software  and even operating systems, like Windows and iOS, to have small weekly updates, rather than previous process of implementing major new changes every year or so.

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22 Jan 2015

On Papercuts And DevOps

by Ali Hussain / January 22, 2015 / DevOps 0

Last Saturday, I was talking with one of our Attune customers about their needs and that led to a very useful conversation on the improvements we can make to our Attune package. The customer expressed some features that would be useful for them and I decided that we need to implement those features in Fluxboard (™), our visual dashboard that helps organizations to own their IT. But it got me thinking about papercuts, and how DevOps can be thought of as the business practice of paying attention to the papercuts.

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05 Sep 2014

Startups: Save Your Dev's Time, Start Making Money

by Flux7 Labs / September 05, 2014 / DevOps 0

At the New York Times, one intern recently learned a painful lesson: It can take a long time to set up a development environment. In this case, about two weeks.

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24 Aug 2014

Startups: 5 Signs That You Need to Invest in DevOps

by Flux7 Labs / August 24, 2014 / DevOps 0

Having a DevOps approach for application or product development is like H2O to your organization. It’s a basic need to live long and prosper.

Yes, DevOps is like H2O:

  • High-quality bug-free apps and products

  • Heights of innovation

  • One-click deployments

And a lot more to be honest!

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14 Aug 2014

Chef Tutorial Series, Part 3: Installation in 3 Steps

by Flux7 Labs / August 14, 2014 / DevOps 0

In previous posts, Understanding Chef Basics with 3Q’s and Delving into More Chef Basics, we started you on a journey to become better acquainted with Chef elements, their functions, node objects, policies and cookbooks.

Now that you likely have the fundamentals of Chef in your pantry, today, let’s start cooking with Chef.

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11 Aug 2014

Writing On The Wall: RackSpace Removes Unmanaged IaaS Offerings

by Ali Hussain / August 11, 2014 / DevOps 0

Last week, RackSpace announced its intention to remove unmanaged cloud service offerings. You can read about it here: Where does IaaS fit into the managed Cloud.

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05 Aug 2014

Bad DevOps infrastructure Makes for Unhappy Customers

by Flux7 Labs / August 05, 2014 / DevOps 0

"DevOps is not a tool. DevOps involves the human element. It’s about efficient collaboration between the ops and dev teams. DevOps is a process. DevOps is a culture."

Haven’t you already heard enough of this? I know ... right!

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31 Jul 2014

Chef Tutorial Series, Part 2: Delving Into More Chef Basics

by Flux7 Labs / July 31, 2014 / DevOps 0

It’s kitchen time again. Put that Chef hat on and let’s check out some more cool stuff.

In our last postPart 1: Understanding Chef Basics with 3 ‘Wh’ Q’s,” I bundled a whole lot of Chef ingredients. (That features for you lay Chefs.)

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10 Jul 2014

Part 1: Understanding Chef Basics with 3 ‘Wh’ Q’s

by Flux7 Labs / July 10, 2014 / DevOps 0

While I believe you have enjoyed the Docker tutorial series, it’s now time to explore yet another interesting DevOps tool. That tool is Chef.

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30 Jun 2014