21 Jan 2016

Setting Up an Efficient CI/CD Pipeline

by Flux7 Labs / January 21, 2016 / DevOps, Docker, SDLC 0


Many developers born in the world of agile startups view continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) as accepted standard requirements for software development. Yet many companies, particularly large enterprises with traditional infrastructure, still struggle to make this approach part of their development process.

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28 Jul 2015

Flux7 Talks Building a Learning Lab Solution at Austin Docker Meetup

The Austin Docker Meetup for August is right around the corner, and we’re excited to be hosting it! Taking place on Thursday, August 6 at 6 p.m., Flux7 CEO Aater Suleman will be speaking about “Building a Learning Lab Solution Using Docker”.

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04 Jun 2015

Use Desktop as a Service to Create a Push-button Learning Lab

by Flux7 Labs / June 04, 2015 / Docker, Costs 0

On Demand Desktops Help Reduce Costs of Training

Leverage cloud infrastructure to support learning labs

Desktop as a Service (DaaS), or desktop virtualization, is catching on as a way to further save on CAPEX. The reality for most large organizations is that many DaaS offerings are limited as their ability to handle  workloads and the strategy must be considered on a case-by-case basis. We found just such a case: on-demand learning labs for training departments or organizations.

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02 Apr 2015

Container Days Austin Recap: Docker and microservices architectures are hitting mainstream

As Docker containers picks up steam, the last weekend in March, Austin enjoyed the first Container Days #cdatx. This event was modeled after the highly successful DevOps days. It was a great event and credit goes to Boyd Hemphill from Stack Engine for spear-heading the effort.

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08 Sep 2014

3 Strategies to Fail Fast, Fail Cheap & Get Agile

by Flux7 Labs / September 08, 2014 / Docker, Migration 0

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said: “The only thing that is constant is change.” No truer words have ever been spoken, And, your business is no exception here.

New technologies are constantly replacing older ones. We are in the era of technology advancements. And, this defines the existence of businesses.

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26 Aug 2014

Startups … It’s Time to Embrace Docker!

by Flux7 Labs / August 26, 2014 / Docker 0

The buzz about Docker has risen to a roar during the past year. Irrespective of the size of the organization, it has attracted a lot of interest.

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03 Jul 2014

10 Docker Remote API Commands for Images - Flux7 Blog

by Flux7 Labs / July 03, 2014 / Docker, Docker Tutorials 0

In the last post of this series, we discussed Docker Remote API and explored the commands specific to containers. In this post, let’s discuss commands specific to images.

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26 Jun 2014

Docker Tutorial Series, Part 8: Docker Remote API

by Flux7 Labs / June 26, 2014 / Docker, Docker Tutorials 0

In the last post, as part of our on-going Docker Tutorial Series, we discussed Docker Hub and Docker Registry API. In today’s post, let’s delve into Docker Remote API.

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24 Jun 2014
19 Jun 2014

Docker Tutorial Series, Part 7: Ultimate Guide for Docker APIs

by Flux7 Labs / June 19, 2014 / Docker, Docker Tutorials 0

Throughout our Docker Tutorial Series, we have discussed many significant Docker components and commands. In today’s series installment, we dig deeper into Docker and uncover Docker APIs.

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