14 Nov 2014

Achieving Automated Infrastructure: A Refresher Course for High Scalability Architecture

by Flux7 Labs / November 14, 2014 / Automation, High Availability 0

It’s been a busy and eye-opening week at Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2014 for the Flux7 team. Keynotes. New products and services. Lots of discussion about strategies and tools to include DevOps for enterprises and DevOps for small businesses in your infrastructure plans. Even some fun and excitement. The Venetian in Las Vegas has been very inviting.

Like much of the industry, we have been making the rounds at re:Invent and discussing best practices as well as new ways to build efficient, self-managing cloud infrastructure and create business agility. We’ve been keeping a keen eye on “what’s next” at this annual confab for AWS partners and customers.

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15 Apr 2014

RabbitMQ Tutorial: Creating Highly Available Message Queues Using RabbitMQ

by Flux7 Labs / April 15, 2014 / High Availability, RabbitMQ 6

rabbitmq tutorial

Every day in the world of modern technology, high availability has become the key requirement of any layer in a technology. Message broker software has become a significant component of most stacks. In this article, we will present a RabbitMQ tutorial: how to create highly available message queues using RabbitMQ.

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