09 Sep 2016

Three AWS Service Catalog Use Cases: Migration, Replication & Experimentation

by Flux7 Labs / September 09, 2016 / Management Tools and Processes 0

Self-service IT is an important goal for many of our clients. They are looking for ways to increase their repeatability and speed the rate at which internal customers are serviced. Service Catalog effectively addresses each of these goals by providing automated infrastructure provisioning through easy buttons. Ops teams create these buttons and make them available to internal customers such as developers, engineers, or QA to easily request, receive and provision pre-approved infrastructure.

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30 Aug 2016

Service Catalog: Your Very Own IT Vending Machine

I had a friend ask me the other day how many meals I make at dinner time. One, I replied. But, you have kids, she stated incredulously. Yes, but I don’t run a restaurant. And neither does IT. However, IT has been treated like a restaurant for decades, with different people and departments placing their orders for specific technologies, with a dash of speedy service on the side.

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01 Aug 2016

AWS EC2 Run Command Enhancements for Greater Control and Reliability through Automation

Automating common administrative tasks to improve workload reliability and decrease potential risk is a common theme our consultants at Flux7 help our clients with. Doing so simplifies administration, encourages security through consistency and helps improve control over users and permissions. Amazon launched EC2 Run Command in October 2015 to help attain these benefits.

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17 May 2016
09 May 2016
07 Apr 2016

Updates to AWS CloudFormation: Change Sets Help Get to the Root Cause of Stack Update Failures

 On March 29, 2016, Amazon released  Change Sets for AWS CloudFormation, an important new update with far reaching benefits. Anyone using CloudFormation templates, anyone pursuing an infrastructure as code strategy on AWS, should pay attention.

AWS CloudFormation gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to create and manage a collection of related AWS resources, allowing them to provision and update them in an orderly and  predictable fashion.

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10 Aug 2015

AWS Config: A Configuration Manager To Save The Day

Part 2: How to Make AWS Config Work for You

One of the biggest fears that CIOs of the digital age have is not only server crashes, but the inability to recover the system to its last-known state. This is particularly painful in compliance-heavy industries that are subject to external audits to make sure everything is being performed to industry standards and within federal compliance. AWS Config is a service which picks out a detailed account of what happens with your AWS configuration while giving you the critical ability to go back in time and verify or check the state your AWS resources were at a given point of time.

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23 Sep 2014

Unused Cloud Infrastructure Could be Draining Business Resources

by Flux7 Labs / September 23, 2014 / Management Tools and Processes 0

Cloud based infrastructure and IT self service models have made it incredibly easy for developers and operations to spin up servers and meet fluctuating business needs. This elasticity is great for business agility and is a quintessential DevOps goal, but there is a dark side of easily obtained infrastructure that can work against company efficiency. 

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17 Apr 2014

Nova Messaging Architecture | Installation & Uses - Flux7 Blog

Nova, OpenStack Compute service is used for hosting and managing cloud computing systems. It is a component based architecture enabling quicker additions of new features. It is fault tolerant, recoverable and provides API-compatibility with systems like Amazon EC2.

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13 Feb 2014

Netflix Availability and Cloud Management Tools| OSS | Glossary Part 1

by Flux7 Labs / February 13, 2014 / Management Tools and Processes 0

Netflix Availability Tools


Hystrix is a library that provides control over interactions among distributed services and enables efficient handling of latency and failure. It helps to:

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