17 Apr 2014

Nova Messaging Architecture | Installation & Uses - Flux7 Blog

by Flux7 Labs / April 17, 2014 / Openstack 0

Nova, OpenStack Compute service is used for hosting and managing cloud computing systems. It is a component based architecture enabling quicker additions of new features. It is fault tolerant, recoverable and provides API-compatibility with systems like Amazon EC2.

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10 Apr 2014

(Tutorial) What is Neutron? How to install and use it?

by Flux7 Labs / April 10, 2014 / Openstack 0


Neutron, a network service for OpenStack, is a pluggable, scalable and API-driven system for managing networks and IP addresses. It also provides a variety of network services ranging from L3 forwarding and NAT to load balancing, edge firewalls and IPSEC VPN.

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03 Apr 2014

Cinder Storage | Installation & Usage - Flux7 Blog

by Flux7 Labs / April 03, 2014 / Openstack 0


Cinder is a persistent block level storage device for use with OpenStack compute instances. It manages the creation, attachment and detachment of block devices to servers. In addition to using simple Linux server storage, Cinder provides unified storage support for numerous other storage platforms, including Ceph, NetApp, Nexenta, SolidFire and Zadara.

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20 Mar 2014

Glance & Its Installation | OpenStack's Image Service - Flux7 Blog

by Flux7 Labs / March 20, 2014 / Openstack 0

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