21 Jan 2016

Setting Up an Efficient CI/CD Pipeline

by Flux7 Labs / January 21, 2016 / DevOps, Docker, SDLC 0


Many developers born in the world of agile startups view continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) as accepted standard requirements for software development. Yet many companies, particularly large enterprses with traditional infrastructure, still struggle to make this approach part of their development process.

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07 Apr 2015

How IoT is Changing Development, Testing & Software Release Processes

by Flux7 Labs / April 07, 2015 / IoT, SDLC 0

How does the Internet of Things (IoT) change the way we develop, test and release software? Always-on connectivity introduces a new set of risks and challenges for development and operations teams.

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30 Jul 2014

High Performance Web Development: Start with Good Infrastructure


We’re getting ready to kick off a series of interactive webinars focused on addressing issues we’ve uncovered during our recent IT assessments in regard to DevOps and the cloud. So, we thought now is a good time to share an article, featuring Flux7 CEO Aater Suleman, that sifts through how to successfully move to a DevOps culture.

The article, posted at DevOps.com, is entitled: "Q&A with Aater Suleman: Successfully Moving to DevOps," and it answers the questions:

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17 Jul 2014

6 Ruby on Rails Deployment Methods - A Critical Look

by Flux7 Labs / July 17, 2014 / SDLC 0

Setting up a deployment process on the cloud means a variety of choices. Most likely, you’re prepared to make some tradeoffs. But, getting a view across these potential tradeoffs can be difficult. Here are six popular deployments and advice for making the best choice for your organization’s needs.

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17 Mar 2014

Austin Docker Meetup Focuses on Developer Workflows

At Flux7 we are very interested in Docker as a technology and the new capabilities it can add to the DevOps world. To further explore what Docker can do in the hands of brilliant programmers we started a Meetup in Austin to discuss Docker.

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20 Feb 2014

How to: Create productive developer workflows using Git, Gerrit and Jenkins

by Flux7 Labs / February 20, 2014 / DevOps, Jenkins, SDLC 0

Our clients are always deeply interested in creating productive dev environments. The power of a dev environment comes from many places. First is time saved by reducing the number of manual steps and by preventing context switches for a developer. Improving flow enables a developer to catch bugs sooner when they’re still inexpensive. Consequently, moving toward continuous testing and integration is essential. In this post, we’ll discuss a continuous integration workflow using opensource tools.

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19 Feb 2014

Best deployment method of Ruby on Rails in AWS - Pros and cons

by Flux7 Labs / February 19, 2014 / SDLC 0

When setting up a deployment process on the cloud one faces a variety of choices. In this post, we’ll share what we’ve learned from our extensive experience in guiding clients toward the best choice for their needs.

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