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    AWS Cloud Migration Strategy: Replatform vs Refactor

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    DevOps Adoption: Assembling the Ideal DevOps Pilot Team

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    Flux7 Conducts Free AWS Well-Architected Reviews to Assess for Workload Health

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    Flux7, AWS and New Relic Present DevOps Transformation Workshop

    The Best Cloud Migration Path: Lift and Shift, Replatform or Refactor?

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    DevOps Adoption: Why Every DevOps Pilot Needs a Landing Zone

    Flux7, HashiCorp Present HashiCorp Vault Dynamic Database Credentials

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    DevOps Adoption: 7 Lessons for a Successful DevOps Pilot

    Flux7 and AWS Present DevOps Workshop

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    Hospitality Combats Competitive Pressure with DevOps Adoption

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    Survey: What Motivates Enterprises to DevOps Adoption

    IT Modernization and DevOps Week in Review

    A Large Scale Cloud Migration Strategy & Process Framework

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    Customers & Employees Thrive in Flux7 Remote Workforce Corporate Culture

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    Flux7 Named Austin Company to Watch, Achieves AWS Security Competency

    Driving Agility through IT Process Automation

    AWS Case Study: QSR Adopts Amazon RedShift for Cost-Effective Analysis

    Optimize Code Delivery Pipelines with DevOps Automation

    AWS WAF, an AWS Security Best Practice

    AWS Case Study: Specialty Retailer Adopts Docker-Based Microservices

    AWS Case Study Research Firm Attains Secure High Performance Computing

    Flux7 is 2018 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards Best AWS Consultant

    Key Considerations in IoT Big Data and Cloud Computing

    AWS Case Study: Kubernetes on CIS Benchmarked Ubuntu AMIs using KOPS

    Flux7 CEO, Aater Suleman, Holds Fireside Chat at CIO Perspectives

    Enterprise Reduces AWS VPC Creation from Days to Minutes

    AWS Case Study: Use the New AWS Systems Manager to Manage AWS

    Flux7 DevOps Blog: What Topics and Content are Most Important to You?

    Flux7, Hashicorp Engineer Present Consul Infrastructure Recipes

    Effectively Manage AWS with the New AWS Systems Manager

    Security in AWS: Flux7’s Take on the New Amazon GuardDuty

    CodePipeline Pipeline Execution History and DevOps Metrics

    "I Work Remotely": A Day in the Life of a Flux7 Employee

    Ensure 2017 Retail Gains: AWS Best Practices for eCommerce Insurance

    AWS Configuration Management with AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate

    Automating AWS Account and Amazon VPC creation with AWS Step Functions

    How to Organize Infrastructure as Code in your Source Code Repository

    2017 Year in Review: AWS Case Studies Highlight AWS Best Practices

    2017 Year in Review: DevOps Methodology and Digital Transformation

    AWS Case Study: Using KOPS to Run Kubernetes with CIS Benchmark AMIs

    Golden AMIs Help Drive DevOps Automation, Agility, and Stability

    Flux7 Among Top 100 Cloud Services Provider for its AWS Consulting

    Agile DevOps Adoption: The Advantages of Remote Delivery

    Reduce Risk, Increase Uptime with AWS Blue-Green Deployment

    Flux7 CTO Ali Hussain Analyzes AWS ReInvent 2017 News

    Inspect Docker Images with Anchore for DevOps Security

    AWS Case Study: AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate Migration

    DevOps Adoption: How to Start the DevOps Conversation

    Seven Recommended SysAdmin Skills to Join a DevOps Team

    AWS Best Practice: Sandbox Accounts Provide Secure Middle Ground

    Flux7 CEO Aater Suleman Presents on AWS Edge Security at AWS reInvent!

    Flux7 CEO, Aater Suleman, to Present at IT Roadmap

    Flux7 3rd Fastest Growing Austin Company in ABJ Fast50

    Flux7 Named Impact Award Finalist for Best AWS Consulting Partner

    AWS Case Study: Migrating an Atlassian Stack to AWS Infrastructure

    What Comes First: Cloud Or DevOps?

    Flux7 Take: HashiCorp News & DevOps Best Practices

    Infrastructure Provisioning Update: Terraform and CloudFormation

    Why we Recommend Everyone use Amazon CloudWatch Logs

    AWS Best Practice: Azure AD SAML Authentication Configuration for AWS Console

    The Difference Between Stable and Stale: A Tale in DevOps Methodology

    Remediate Shadow IT Rogue Sites with AWS DevOps Security

    Flux7 Presents An Introduction to AWS DevOps

    Paving The Road To DevOps With Automation

    Balance IT Talent Gaps and Core Business IP with DevOps Automation

    AWS Databases: New Auto Scaling for Amazon DynamoDB

    Continuous Deployment of Serverless Applications with AWS SAM & AWS CodePipeline

    How to Effectively Balance DevOpsSec in the AWS Cloud

    We are Growing Again!

    AWS Case Study: Pharmaceutical Migrates R&D Analytics to AWS

    The Relationship Between Cloud and DevOps

    Seven Business-Impacting Reasons to Adopt a DevOps Model

    Flux7 Named Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network

    Flux7 An AWS Management Tools Service Delivery Launch Partner

    Flux7 Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partner Status for Amazon CloudFront

    A Review of AWS CloudFormation StackSets

    AWS, Flux7 Present Workshop on Microservices Architecture and Amazon ECS

    Visual Guide to Configuring Top AWS Config Rules

    A Primer: What is DevOps? And how do Code, Config, CI/CD & Containers Relate

    A Checklist for 6 Common IT Modernization Processes

    Good AWS Security Hygiene: Limit Risk With Security by Design

    AWS SQS FIFO Queues and RabbitMQ on AWS

    DevOps as the Minimum Entry Requirement

    Design, Build and Operate Docker-based Microservices

    The Flux7 Enterprise DevOps Framework

    Fostering Cross Account AWS CodePipelines

    Defining Code and Configuration in Cloud Environments

    MicroServices: Do One Thing & Do It Well

    A Technical Look at Managing Secrets using AWS Parameter Store

    AWS Organizations: A New Era in Managing AWS Accounts

    AWS Case Study: Scalability, Availability & Security in Healthcare

    AWS Case Study: TechnipFMC Migrates SharePoint Sites to the Cloud

    Why We Teach Our Customers How to Fish

    The Socratic Approach: Why We Start DevOps Projects With “Why?”

    DevOps West: Docker Fundamentals Jumpstart

    Seven Steps to Successful and Sustainable DevOps Transformation

    Will IoT Save Retail? No, But a Balanced IT Modernization Approach Can

    DevOps Days 2017: Design, Build and Operate Docker-Based Microservices

    Business Momentum Grows as Flux7 Turns Four

    AWS ECS and Vault Paired for HIPAA-Compliant Secret Management

    Flux7 Achieves AWS Consulting Partner Recognition For AWS Service Catalog

    AWS Case Study: Balancing Robustness & Security in Financial Services

    AWS Case Study: Web Dev Firm Boosts eCommerce Performance & Security

    AWS Case Studies: QSR Builds Service Catalog for Better IT Governance

    Two Strategies to Ensure Website & Infrastructure Scalability

    Serverless Computing, IT Ops & Powering Technology Enabled App Delivery

    AWS Case Studies: CRM Provider Speeds Time to Market with Microservices

    Flux7 SmartStart Eases Vault Technology Adoption for Payment System Provider

    AWS Case Studies: Serverless Monitoring and Notification Pipeline

    Setting the Stage for SaaS Provider’s Microservices Architecture

    Flux7 Achieves AWS Consulting Partner Recognition For Amazon Aurora

    Mass AWS Migration Grows Developer Efficiency & Productivity with Self-Serve IT

    AWS Case Studies: Building Microservices Speed Time to Market

    Building AWS Experts: The Skills that Matter Most

    AWS Developer Tools Provide Continuous Deployment to Amazon ECS

    AWS Security Best Practice: Attach or Replace AWS IAM Roles to Existing EC2 Instances

    Urgent AWS Migration Shows Need for Automation, Preparation, Flexibility

    AWS Eases Database Migration with new Aurora Read Replica Feature

    Container Instance Draining in Amazon ECS

    Flux7 Awarded Best AWS Partner/Consultant For 3rd Year in a Row

    Building a Service Catalog at a Healthcare Innovator

    Most Popular Blogs of 2016: Cloud Transformation

    2016 Year in Review: Container Technology

    Our Favorite Blogs from 2016: AWS Configuration Management

    Best Blogs 2016: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

    Ease of Use, Hybrid Cloud are Banner Themes at AWS re:Invent 2016

    Re:Invent Review: Deploying Scalable SAP Hybris Clusters using Docker

    AWS Web Application Firewall Grows Protection with Application Load Balancer Coverage

    Flux7 CTO Ali Hussain Analyzes AWS' News from re:Invent 2016

    Container Technology: Stateful Applications Docker Acquires Infinit

    AWS re:Invent 2016 and Container-Powered Migrations

    Flux7 Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partner Status for AWS Web Application Firewall

    AWS CodePipeline, CloudFormation & Continuous Delivery

    New Amazon Linux Container Image Removes Branch from Decision Tree

    Flux7 CEO, Aater Suleman, Presents at re:Invent!

    DevOps, DaaS & AWS WorkSpaces: Facilitating Self-Service Across the Organization

    Flux7 Named a Modern Infrastructure Impact Award Finalist

    Skip the Downtime with the New AWS Server Migration Service

    Is the New US East Ohio AWS Region a Fit for You

    Q&A with Aater Suleman: Building the Innovation Friendly IoT Infrastructure

    Top 5 Technology Design Points for Docker-Based Microservices

    Rent-A-Center SAP Hybris Solution Enabled by Amazon ECS Service Auto Scaling

    Top Ten Considerations When Planning Docker-Based Microservices

    Solution Providers Become Central to Enterprise IoT Success

    Monitoring AWS EC2 Run Command Execution

    A Review of AWS CloudFormation Cross-Stack Reference

    Converting a CloudFormation Template from JSON to YAML

    YAML and AWS CloudFormation: Simplifying Template Creation

    AWS EC2 Run Command Expands to On-Premises & Multi-Cloud Support

    Three AWS Service Catalog Use Cases: Migration, Replication & Experimentation

    Ansible 2.0 & AWS Part 2: What You Need to Know

    Service Catalog: Your Very Own IT Vending Machine

    Ansible 2.0 & AWS: The Power of AWS Meets Ansible Simplicity

    Handling Secrets in Microservices

    Amazon Pipeline Starter Kit for Continuous Delivery

    Microservices Trend as IT Competes on their Respective Strengths

    The Five Keys to Successful IoT Initiatives

    Implementing PCI DSS on AWS

    AWS WorkSpaces Now with Tagging for Greater Governance

    AWS EC2 Run Command Enhancements for Greater Control and Reliability through Automation

    AWS Service Discovery: Facilitating Connections in a Dynamic World

    A DevOps Approach to Creating PCI-Ready Infrastructure

    Furthering Elasticity with Automatic Scaling for Amazon ECS

    Microservices Security: AWS Increases Container-Enabled App Security

    The Big Trends Driving Digital Transformation

    AWS Application Discovery Does the Heavy Lifting for Cloud Migration

    Join us at DockerCon 16

    Flux7 Selected as AWS Migration Competency Program Partner

    Docker Security Scanning: Deep Visibility to Container-Based Vulnerabilities

    AWS X1 Instances Make Room for Your Memory Intensive Workloads

    AWS SSM for Improved Security, Auditability and Automation

    AWS Service Catalog (Amazon Web Services) Delivering Self-Service IT

    AWS Cross Accounts Access: Part 2

    AWS Cross Accounts Access: Part 1

    Improved Security with AWS CodeCommit

    Docker Security, Hardened Containers and a Layered Strategy

    Updates to AWS CloudFormation: Change Sets Help Get to the Root Cause of Stack Update Failures

    AWS Case Studies: Autoscaling:  A Multi-region High Availability Website

    DevOps in the Cloud helps Transform Retail Enterprise

    Ansible Playbooks for Provisioning and Managing AWS Environments

    AWS Case Studies- DevOps: Creating Scalable IOT Infrastructure

    Making the Path to AWS Easier with Ansible Configuration Management

    5 Expert Recommendations when Hiring a DevOps Engineer

    Setting Up an Efficient CI/CD Pipeline

    How Ansible DevOps Capabilities Help Build Self Healing, Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

    AWS Config: A Configuration Manager To Save The Day

    AWS Config: A Configuration Manager To Save The Day

    Flux7 Talks Building a Learning Lab Solution at Austin Docker Meetup

    Cloud Migration Success Factor: Refocus Internal IT Staff

    AWS Security Best Practices: What Enterprises Need to Know About Open Source TLS

    Flux7 Partners with Cloudamize, Adding Strategic Cloud Lifecycle Insights to Assessment Process

    Use Desktop as a Service to Create a Push-button Learning Lab

    DevOps Automation enabling self-service, secure IT

    How Digital Pharma is Driving Cloud Migration

    Amazon Kinesis: A Use Case

    DevOps Days: IT Process Orchestration with Jenkins

    How IoT is Changing Development, Testing & Software Release Processes

    Container Days Austin Recap: Docker and microservices architectures are hitting mainstream

    Amazon Life Sciences Partner Program Recognizes Flux7 Experience

    “Cloud Wars” bring new benefits to IoT and Big Data businesses

    High Performance Cloud Infrastructure Supports Healthcare Analytics

    The Risk of Not Investing in DevOps

    Optimizing Your Software Development Cycle

    Cloud Computing in Healthcare: Best Practices for Life Sciences and Healthcare

    If You Think Hiring an Expert is Expensive, Wait Until You do it Wrong!

    On Papercuts And DevOps

    Flux7 Wins 2015 Modern Impact Awards, Best AWS Consulting Partner

    Building a Continuous Integration Environment in AWS

    re:Invent 2014: What AWS Users Must Know to Plan for Agile Infrastructure

    Achieving Automated Infrastructure: A Refresher Course for High Scalability Architecture

    AWS re:Invent 2014: Something in the Cloud for Everyone

    Cloud Computing: An Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Business Agility

    Flux7 CEO’s High-Flying Ride: His Thoughts on Cloud Advantages & AWS re:Invent

    Rapid Migration of an Ecommerce Portal Using AWS

    Web Apps: WebSockets with AWS Elastic Load Balancing

    Flux7 Announces Cloud Attune Services to Optimize AWS Infrastructure

    3 Conferences, One Week: Docker & IoT Dominate Conversations

    Unused Cloud Infrastructure Could be Draining Business Resources

    MySQL Benchmarking on m3.xlarge and m3.2xlarge Instances

    Startups: Drop the Rules; Think Cloud

    Maintaining Uptime: 4 Traits of High Performance Websites

    Choosing a Cloud Infrastructure Strategy? 5 Questions to Ease Your Mind

    3 Strategies to Fail Fast, Fail Cheap & Get Agile

    Startups: Save Your Dev's Time, Start Making Money

    4 Tips to Better Decisions for Cloud Benefits vs. Cloud Computing Disadvantages

    Analyzing AWS m3 Instances for Performance & Bandwidth - Flux7 Blog

    Why Startups Are Choosing Amazon Web Services

    AWS: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

    Startups … It’s Time to Embrace Docker!

    Performance Comparison of Wikibench on ‘m3’ Instances

    Startups: 5 Signs That You Need to Invest in DevOps

    Why Startups Need Good Cloud Consulting Partners

    Chef Tutorial Series, Part 3: Installation in 3 Steps

    Writing On The Wall: RackSpace Removes Unmanaged IaaS Offerings

    Ignoring the Cloud … Not Anymore!: Cloud Stats Rule

    MySQL Benchmarking: A Matchup of AWS SSD Drives

    Bad DevOps infrastructure Makes for Unhappy Customers

    Quiz: Is the Cloud Right for Your Business?

    Chef Tutorial Series, Part 2: Delving Into More Chef Basics

    High Performance Web Development: Start with Good Infrastructure

    Change is Good: Flux7 Blog New & Improved

    MySQL Benchmarking: Setup, Optimizations & Results Using Sysbench on m3.Large

    6 Ruby on Rails Deployment Methods - A Critical Look

    Using Sysbench to Benchmark MySQL

    Survey: 10 Q’s you wouldn’t regret answering

    Part 1: Understanding Chef Basics with 3 ‘Wh’ Q’s

    Examining Elastic Load Balancing Policies

    10 Docker Remote API Commands for Images - Flux7 Blog

    Lessons Learned from Code Spaces: What to Do with AWS Now

    Benchmarking: Network Performance Analysis of r3 Instances

    6 Myths and The Facts about DevOps

    Flux7 Announces 60-Point DevOps Assessment to Optimize Developer Productivity

    5 Cloud Advantages You Didn’t Think About

    Docker Tutorial Series, Part 8: Docker Remote API

    8 Ways to Use Docker in the Real World - Flux7 Blog

    Benchmarking: Analysis of r3 Instances Using FIO

    What’s Trending with DevOps Tools: A Study Using Google

    Docker Tutorial Series, Part 7: Ultimate Guide for Docker APIs

    10 Steps Deploying Docker Containers on AWS Elastic Beanstalk - Flux7

    Flux7 & Auto.com to Co-Present at First Annual DockerCon

    Benchmarking: CPU Performance Analysis of r3 instances Using CoreMark

    A Glossary for Ansible

    Docker Tutorials: The Next 15 Docker Commands

    Wikibench Performance on c3 Instances

    DockerCon, Part 1: Looking Forward to This First-Ever Docker-Centric Event

    The Power of Cloud Computing

    Docker Tutorial Series, Part 5: Docker Security

    Benchmarking m3.xlarge with Wikibench

    A Glossary for Agile Programming Methodologies

    Docker Tutorial Series, Part 4: Registry & Workflows

    Application Benchmarking on AWS Using WikiBench

    Cloud Foundry Glossary

    Docker Tutorial | DockerFile Commands for Ease of Automation - Flux7

    Benchmarking: CoreMark Scores & FIO Results between Instance Families for Better Performance

    Keeping in Check: Fire Drills and Disaster Readiness

    DevOpsDays Austin Wrapped Up: Talks About DevOps [of course], Docker & the Cloud

    Docker Tutorial Series, Part 2: The 15 Commands

    Network Performance Analysis of C3 instances using Iperf tool

    Docker Tutorial Series, Part 1: An Introduction | Docker Components

    DevOpsDays Austin 2014: Talking Docker to Improve Web Developer Productivity

    Flux7 CEO Aater Suleman to Speak at DevOpsDays Austin 2014

    Benchmarking: Disk Bandwidth Analysis of c3 Instances using FIO

    Challenges for Delivering DevOps to Meet Customer Needs

    Successful AWS Cloud Projects: Flux7 Case Studies

    OpenStack Multi-Node Installation | Control, Network & Compute - Flux7

    Benchmarking: CPU Performance Analysis of c3 instances using CoreMark

    Behind the Scenes with Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

    DevOps Glossary - DevOps Monitoring Tools/Services

    Nova Messaging Architecture | Installation & Uses - Flux7 Blog

    RabbitMQ Tutorial: Creating Highly Available Message Queues Using RabbitMQ

    Popular Posts on Flux7 Blog - What you may have missed

    How DevOps Saved Healthcare.gov

    (Tutorial) What is Neutron? How to install and use it?

    Exploring Parallelism in IO Operations

    Dissecting Effective Developer Workflows to Save Time & Lower Costs

    DevOps Quiz 2

    Cinder Storage | Installation & Usage - Flux7 Blog

    What the AWS price cuts mean to Startups, Mid-Size and Enterprise Companies

    How is Flux7 leveraging the AWS price cuts

    AWS Troubleshooting Quiz 1

    AWS Summit in San Fran: From Monitoring & Log Management to VPC Peering … What Flux7 Learned

    AWS Summit in San Fran: 'Best Practices for Cloud Delivery,' 'Optimizing TCO' Sessions Near & Dear to a Flux7 CEO's Heart

    Preview of Docker Benchmarking at Flux7

    AWS Summit in San Fran: A Bevy of Breakout Sessions that Excites Our Flux7 Team: Security, HPC & Certifications

    On our way to AWS Summit

    Flux7 looks forward to the AWS Summit 2014

    Glance & Its Installation | OpenStack's Image Service - Flux7 Blog

    Benchmarking: iPerf Benchmark Run on ‘m1’ and ‘m3’ Instances - Flux7

    Austin Docker Meetup Focuses on Developer Workflows

    Docker Trivia Quiz 1 - Basic Concepts, Commands and Trivia!

    What is Keystone | Installing Keystone in OpenStack - Flux7 Blog

    Docker in Austin — Before the Docker Austin March meet up

    Benchmarking: Network Performance Analysis of i instances using Iperf

    6 reasons why large enterprises should move to Amazon Web Services

    Netflix Infrastructure Services, Dev Productivity and Misc OSS Tools Glossary

    Single Node OpenStack Installation | Cloud Computing - Flux7 Blog

    AWS Network Performance With iPerf On High IO Instance i2.8xlarge

    Checklist for Validating A DevOps Architecture | Part 2

    Netflix Data Management & Platform Libraries Tools |Glossary Part 3

    (Tutorial) An Introduction to Openstack Project | Part 1

    Benchmarking: Disk Bandwidth analysis of m instances|Part 2 FIO

    Checklist: Validate DevOps Architecture|Part 1: Understand business needs

    Netflix Persistence Systems and Build & Deploy Tools|Glossary Part 2

    How to: Create productive developer workflows using Git, Gerrit and Jenkins

    Best deployment method of Ruby on Rails in AWS - Pros and cons

    Benchmarking: CPU Performance analysis of m instances|Part 1 Coremark

    Docker saves the day at Flux7!

    DevOps Quiz 1: How well do you know DevOps Trivia?

    Netflix Availability and Cloud Management Tools| OSS | Glossary Part 1

    The Great Debate: Should you use Docker or not?

    Benchmarking: Disk Bandwidth analysis of i instances | Part 2 FIO

    How to: Handle multiple AWS accounts conveniently using AWSma

    Cloud Computing Quiz 1 |Amazon Web Services Basics - Flux7 Blog

    CAP Theorem: Its importance in distributed systems

    Docker vs VMs: How is Docker different from VMs?

    Benchmarking: CPU Performance analysis of i instances| Part 1 Coremark

    Hadoop's Overhead - Our Experiments with Big Data

    Amazon I2 Instances Features, Price and Availability

    DevOps Glossary: Open source tools for automation, configuration management and CI

    A Deep Dive into AWS Reserved Instances

    Flexibility of Major Hadoop Distributors for Needs of Big Data Executive Management & Tool Developers Evaluated in New White Paper from Flux7

    Hadoop–Ganglia Integration using Hadoop Metrics2 Framework

    Little’s Law- An insight on the relation between latency and throughput

    Using Docker Containers for Complex IoT Application - Flux7 Blog

    Flux7’s VyScale Application Earns Honorable Mention at re:Invent 2013

    NoSQL Quiz - 1: How well do you know NoSQL?

    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Best Configuration Practices

    Ganglia - A walkthrough

    Data Day Texas 2014 Highlights

    NoSQL Database Solutions - Types and Examples

    Autoscaling for LAMP on AWS | Choosing an instance type: Part 4

    Autoscaling for LAMP on AWS | Load Test the Environment: Part 3

    Autoscaling for LAMP on AWS | Setting Up Austoscaling Groups : Part 2

    Autoscaling for LAMP on AWS |Creating a LAMP Stack AMI : Part 1

    Flux7 Labs Spot Virtual Meetup

    AWS Route 53 - A walk through

    Why RDBMS Fails To Support Big Data

    It’s Time To Say Yes to NoSQL

    Must-know Facts About AWS Elastic Load Balancing

    Cassandra - Database Solution for modern day applications?

    Insights and Recommendations on Cloud Expenditure for Start-ups

    Elastic Load Balancing - Amazon Compute Services - Glossary

    Elastic Load Balancing - Amazon Compute Services - Glossary

    Auto Scaling - Amazon Compute Services - Glossary

    Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) - Amazon Compute Services - Glossary

    Hadoop Distributions – A Detailed Comparative Study | Prelude to a free White Paper

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) - AWS Compute Services - Glossary

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