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    AWS Config: A Configuration Manager To Save The Day

    Part 2: How to Make AWS Config Work for You

    One of the biggest fears that CIOs of the digital age have is not only server crashes, but the inability to recover the system to its last-known state. This is particularly painful in compliance-heavy industries that are subject to external audits to make sure everything is being performed to industry standards and within federal compliance. AWS Config is a service which picks out a detailed account of what happens with your AWS configuration while giving you the critical ability to go back in time and verify or check the state your AWS resources were at a given point of time.

    AWS Config: A Configuration Manager To Save The Day

    Part 1: Why AWS Config Serves as a Backbone to Your Existing AWS Architecture

    What keeps CIOs in compliance-heavy industries up at night? Audits. AWS Config is helping them sleep better by providing an easier way to confirm and return to the last known state. We show you how it works in practice in this fictional example.

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