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Addressing IT Governance in the Age of Cloud

Helping enterprises who are conducting an AWS cloud migration as part of a technology transformation project, we are often asked about IT governance and how to ensure policies and controls are consistently applied between old and new environments. Ensuring the goals of IT governance -- from management to security, and from cost to performance -- is central to the Flux7 approach. In today’s article, we’ll share how we help accomplish these governance goals for our customers and as a result, how you, too, might consider approaching IT governance in the cloud.

AWS Case Study: AWS VPN Provides AWS Sandbox Access for Data Analysis

Keeping in line with the principals of a Well Architected Review (WAR), we are constantly challenged by our customers to help evolve their requirements into repeatable and automated patterns deployed in their AWS environment, using the latest AWS has to offer in its growing list of managed services. In this case, a research wing of a global industrial firm wanted a solution to replace their current VPN and bastion host solution with access control topping the list. The answer: AWS Client site VPN.

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