Benchmarking: CPU Performance Analysis of c3 instances using CoreMark


Similar to our previous posts where we benchmarked ‘i’ and ‘m’ instances, this post discusses CPU benchmarking for ‘c3’ instances using CoreMark. Our setup for running CoreMark benchmark is the similar to the setup we used for our previous benchmarks:

1. Benchmarking: CPU performance analysis of m instances

2. Benchmarking: CPU performance analysis of i instances

‘c3’ instances are the new generation compute optimized instances. Following are the results of the raw CoreMark score and the CoreMark score/$ per hour which gives us an idea of the CPU performance with respect to the cost.

c3 - 1

c3 - 2

The following chart depicts the CoreMark score per dollar per hour. It is clear that the CPU performance per dollar is almost same across c3 instance types however c3.large offers slightly better performance compared to other instance types.


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April 22, 2014 / Benchmarking

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