Flux7 & Auto.com to Co-Present at First Annual DockerCon

Jun 18, 2014 2:52:29 AM Flux7 Labs

June 4, 2014—Austin, TX |Flux7, an IT consultancy focused on delivering cloud migration, development and optimization solutions using DevOps-based approaches, today announced the company will co-present at the first annual DockerCon with its client Auto.com. The two companies will share key learnings and best practices at DockerCon, a two-day Docker-centric event that is organized by Docker Inc. The sold out conference is taking place June 9 - 10, 2014, at The Westin Market Street in San Francisco.

One of Flux7’s services is helping organizations to determine how Docker -- an open-source engine that automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere to help increase web developer productivity and operations -- can improve their development and operations processes. This boutique solution developed by Flux7 includes assessment, implementation and support packages customized to fit the needs of both growing and established enterprises. More information and case studies can be found here.

At DockerCon, Aater Suleman, CEO of Flux7, and Kevin Ready, general manager of Auto.com, a Classified Ventures property, will team up for their talk entitled “Lessons from Using Docker to Improve Web Developer Productivity.” The session will explore best practices for using Docker.

During the presentation, a reference design will also be shared to demonstrate how developers can test code in a production-like environment without extensive hardware and resource investment, as well as minimize bugs that occur due to a mismatch in local, QA and production environments.

“Innovative, high performance Web, SaaS and mobile businesses like Google and Auto.com are seeing the great advantages that Docker can bring, both in efficiencies and in the ability to dynamically adjust their development environments,” Mr. Suleman said.

DockerCon is an event that will feature topics and content about all aspects of Docker. Docker is experiencing explosive growth by delivering on the twin promises “Build Once … Run Anywhere” and “Configure Once … Run Anything,” Its impact is successfully cutting across DevOps, PaaS and hybrid cloud environments. DockerCon will also focus on container-centric approaches to application creation, deployment and management, as well as the impact of these new technologies on the world of virtualization. For more information, visit www.dockercon.com.

About Aater Suleman

Aater Suleman is co-founder and CEO of Flux7. At Flux7, he works at every step of the development flow process, from creating local developer environments using Docker, to continuous integration and continuous delivery, to configuration management, to creating efficient systems for deploying new code. An architect, he combines that knowledge with both his hardware and software experience, bringing a unique perspective and broad view to development and operations. He is a faculty member of The University of Texas, Austin, where he earned a PhD in computer engineering and now focuses on optimizing DevOps architectures involving the AWS cloud.

About Flux7

Austin-based Flux7 is a team of IT experts helping businesses realize and optimize the benefits of technology by using DevOps processes and full stack expertise. Our agile team delivers specialist development skills, architecture and operations knowledge to accelerate an IT team’s progress toward achieving business agility using best practices in continuous delivery and integration. Through a unique blend of services and products, we provide high-quality solutions that directly address the challenges faced by CIOs and IT teams to achieve short-term results with long-term benefits. With decades of combined industry experience, best practices and industry benchmarks, our team is committed to creating sustainable, reliable solutions.

For more information about Flux7, visit us at flux7.com. To learn more now, email us at info@flux7.com or call us at +1.512.763.0077. To get the latest news and trends, go to flux7.com/blogs/; like us at facebook.com/flux7Labs; follow us at twitter.com/flux7Labs; and connect with us at linkedin.com/company/flux7-labs.

Written by Flux7 Labs

Flux7 is the only Sherpa on the DevOps journey that assesses, designs, and teaches while implementing a holistic solution for its enterprise customers, thus giving its clients the skills needed to manage and expand on the technology moving forward. Not a reseller or an MSP, Flux7 recommendations are 100% focused on customer requirements and creating the most efficient infrastructure possible that automates operations, streamlines and enhances development, and supports specific business goals.

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