Converting a CloudFormation Template from JSON to YAML

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In our blog last week we told you that AWS CloudFormation has grown its support beyond JSON to include YAML. Prior to the announcement, our AWS consultants had been writing in YAML and used an in-house YAML CloudFormation generator to help us avoid the typical pain points associated with JSON. We promised in that article to share with you instructions on how to convert existing JSON CloudFormation templates into YAML and are delivering on that promise today.

Our AWS CloudFormation experts have assembled the following single standard CloudFormation JSON to YAML converter.


As you can see, the conversion is straightforward with expected results. The advantage to using YAML in creating your CloudFormation templates rests in YAML’s clean syntax. Unlike JSON, with YAML you don’t have to keep track of the many JSON braces and commas which can cause unnecessary headaches and delays.

We work with several organizations that have embraced YAML and will be telling their stories in an upcoming blog. 

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