IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

Feb 4, 2019 12:24:00 PM Flux7 Labs DevOps, Security, Developer Tools and Processes

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in ReviewThis past week Amazon and Microsoft announced earnings, with both reporting continued strength in their cloud businesses. For its part, AWS reported a 45% increase in revenue, to $7.4 billion in the fourth quarter. Microsoft doesn’t share revenues specific to Azure; however, the company did disclose that its commercial cloud revenue grew 48% year over year with Azure revenue growing 76%. While it’s little surprise that cloud revenue is driving overall growth for Microsoft and Amazon, it’s worth noting that as the market for cloud computing matures, the ability to continue growing at this pace will decrease. Case in point: Amazon forecast Q1 2019 revenue at 10-18% growth, year over year.

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DevOps News

  • HackerRank unveiled its 2019 Developer Skills Report with fascinating findings from over 71,000 developer participants.
    • Internet of Things (53%), just above Deep Learning (50%), is predicted to be the most adopted new technology in the next two years.
    • When it comes to hiring, Developers said they were most likely to be turned off by employers who don’t provide enough clarity around roles or where they’ll be placed. 49% said lack of values alignment was a turn-off and 14% reported not enough diversity on the panel was a deal-breaker.
    • The most important factors for developers, across all job levels and functions, was the opportunity for professional growth and work-life balance.

  • Our DevOps expert team liked this article on how to use Terraform to Improve Infrastructure Security Posture. Specifically, they focused in on how Sentinel’s policy as code framework allows users to define policies that are enforced against infrastructure between the plan and apply phases of a Terraform run. Policy as code can be written to achieve a range of goals from limiting over sized cloud deploys to ensuring all infrastructure is properly tagged. Sentinel proactively prevents provisioning of out-of-policy infrastructure.

  • Part of Cisco’s data center anywhere strategy, Cisco announced this week its extended Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) into AWS and Microsoft Azure. Cisco’s new architecture extends the data center to everywhere that data lives and where applications are deployed.

  • OpsRamp announced updates to its AIOps platform featuring new topology maps, enhanced artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) features and new monitoring capabilities for cloud native workloads. According to the company’s announcement, the OpsRamp Winter Release provides greater service-centricity and context for hybrid infrastructure monitoring and management for improved incident management.

  • We also enjoyed this piece by Mike Cohn on Why Agile Teams Put So Much Emphasis on Being Done Each Iteration. A quick but powerful read, Cohn prompts us to ask, are we done with this feature, rather than estimating percent complete.

AWS News

  • Our DevOps Consulting team enjoyed this article on How to eliminate EC2 keypairs from password retrieval of provisioned Windows instances using Secrets Manager and CloudFormation. Always interested in ways to increase security of the AWS environment, this article shares how you can remove the requirement of SSH Private Key sharing, using AWS Secrets Manager to retrieve the Administrator password from EC2 Windows instances, eliminating the need to share the SSH Private Key. As the author notes, by removing the need to share the SSH Private Key, Administrators no longer need to spend time securing the key or putting mechanisms in place to prevent employees from sharing the key.

Flux7 News

  • Check out our new Guide to achieving Enterprise DevOps at Scale. With legacy technologies, complicated organizational structures, the need to effectively reap economies of scale, and other challenges, larger enterprises often don’t know where or how to begin their foray into achieving enterprise DevOps at scale. Our best practices-based DevOps at scale process methodology is designed to help. Download your copy today.

5 Steps to Enterprise DevOps at Scale 

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