Landing Zones Create a Secure, Scalable AWS Foundation

Dec 4, 2018 11:53:00 AM Flux7 Labs Migration, Developer Tools and Processes, Management Tools and Processes

Landing Zones Create a Secure Scalable AWS FoundationConsumers increasingly expect digital offerings from companies they do business with. Both B2B and B2C customers are placing increasing pressure on organizations to digitize and modernize their offerings. Yet, knowing where and how to begin can be a challenge, especially for large enterprises who face these pressures across product lines and must be able to answer ongoing questions of security, compliance and risk management in their cloud computing migration strategy.

Cloud infrastructure automation has become a clear enabler for businesses to extend new digital offerings to customers, enabling them to rapidly innovate while decreasing their time to market. Whether you are new to public cloud, or you are looking to take your existing cloud environment to the next level, it’s imperative to start with a sound foundation that employs AWS architecture best practices.

Pressure to Get the AWS New Account Right

The quality of the cloud environment created directly impacts the future function of services and applications in the cloud migration. It also directly affects everything from future customer loyalty to assuring data security. Clearly, starting on the right path represents an ever more critical stage in any cloud journey.

A hybrid or multi-cloud approach is quickly becoming a fundamental reality of executing digital business transformation at scale. Building the right foundation -- one that offers security, scalability and can be extended over time -- is a critical first step regardless of your cloud computing migration strategy.

Enter the Landing Zone

In the military, a landing zone is a safe place where aircraft can land. Similarly, in the public cloud, a landing zone is a safe place for services to land as they move through delivery pipelines. Landing zones are part of a proven framework for delivering services with greater quality and speed.

As an enterprise transitions from a traditional Development - IT Operations framework to cloud automation, the landing zone is important as it provides needed efficiency, standardization, and governance. As a result, the AWS consulting team at Flux7 has created a paper for enterprises looking to get started with just such a foundation. Download our getting started guide today to learn How to Create a Secure, Scalable AWS Foundation with Landing Zones.

The long-term goal of a landing zone should be to help your firm evolve from a standardized, best practice place to -- at your pace -- become the robust, innovative cloud-based Infrastructure-as-Code system that you want it to be. Take advantage of the limitless capacity of public cloud and master its complexity by streamlining best practices and rapid deployment with the best-fit landing zone for sustained enterprise IT modernization at scale.

Download the Guide Today

Written by Flux7 Labs

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