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    Flux7 Ranks No. 906 on the 2018 Inc 5000


    Inc. magazine today ranked Flux7 906 on its 37th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. We are excited to be amongst great company as the Inc. list represents a unique look at some of the most successful companies within the American economy--with past winners including companies such as Microsoft, Dell, LinkedIn, Zillow, and many others.

    Join Flux7 as we Host HashiCorp CTO for a Session on Consul Connect

    Join the Flux7 DevOps team as we host HashiCorp co-founder and CTO, Armon Dadgar, on Thursday, August 30th in Austin, TX. Armon will present how to use Consul Connect to secure service-to-service communication.

    IT Modernization and DevOps News in Review

    This week saw cloud security in the headlines again with yet another public disclosure of a misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket that left data wide open to the public. With Black Hat in Vegas this week, it may be little wonder that we also saw several news items of organizations bringing more security tools to DevOps and container-based environments.

    IT Modernization and DevOps News in Review

    We start this week’s DevOps News with an update on the size of the cloud market. In what may be more confirmation than news, we learn that AWS is still the market leader -- but we’ll share just how its business is growing and why that may be important. And, this week we saw several product enhancement announcements -- from Red Hat to Git. Read on for this week’s news in review.

    DevOps Adoption Case Study: Developing a Tomcat Cloud Migration

    Last week we shared with you the story of an enterprise media group’s IT modernization project in which it had determined an AWS cloud migration was the ideal path. While we previously shared the company’s overarching migration strategy (and the approach it took to develop that strategy), today we’ll dive into one specific set of applications, sharing how the Center of Excellence (COE) addressed the technical challenge of migrating over 100+ Java applications to AWS.

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    Last week we shared several interesting reports on trends in the industry and tools to use to take advantage of them. This week, Forrester issued an intriguing report on high-performing DevOps organizations, what commonalities they share and what low performing organizations have in common. Commissioned by Tricentis, you can download the report here, gratis.

    DevOps Adoption Case Study: Developing an AWS Cloud Migration Path

    Flux7 had the opportunity to work with an enterprise media group on its IT modernization project in which it had determined an AWS cloud migration was the ideal path. The challenge faced by the customer and Flux7 DevOps team was that the customer was under pressure to move these applications, which numbered into the hundreds, to AWS within one year. Today’s blog is the story of how we partnered with the customer to develop a migration approach for its ongoing AWS DevOps adoption.

    IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

    As we settle into the dog days of summer, it can be a good time to take a step back and examine some of the bigger trends in the industry and examine how we can take advantage of emerging technologies to gain new advantage. Doing just that this week was SDXcentral who released the findings of two separate studies on Containers and Cloud Security and Forrester research who issued its list of The Top Emerging Technologies To Watch in 2018.

    Remote Onboarding: Creating an Excellent Candidate Experience

    There is a lot to be said for working remotely. From less stress and lower commuting costs, to greater employee productivity and reduced turnover, remote workforces offer a true win-win. Yet, to ensure that everyone transitions as seamlessly as possible into an 100% remote workforce, onboarding is a critical step. At Flux7 we feel that onboarding and even pre-onboarding help set the stage to ensure that every new employee feels welcome and has a good understanding of the lay of the land. While a lot goes into achieving this goal, we thought we’d share today the Flux7 onboarding process.

    AWS Cloud Migration Strategy: Replatform vs Refactor


    As part of our ongoing blog series on DevOps adoption, we’ve touched on the topic of migrating systems to the cloud as it helps codify DevOps best practices via an ecosystem of tools steeped in IT process automation. Today we’ll dive a little deeper into the topic of cloud migration, exploring in greater depth the topics of replatforming, refactoring, how the two compare, and when you might favor one approach over the other. 

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