Rent-A-Center SAP Hybris Solution Enabled by Amazon ECS Service Auto Scaling

Oct 13, 2016 10:03:56 AM Flux7 Labs Docker, SAP, Retail, Compute, Scalability, AWS ECS

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We are excited to see that today our customer, Rent-A-Center, has been featured on the AWS Blog.  Rent-A-Center was interested in quickly introducing a new ecommerce platform that was secure, PCI compliant, and highly scalable to ensure it would cater to online web based demand.

In this article, Troy Washburn, Sr. Manager, DevOps at Rent-A-Center, and Flux7's Ashay Chitnis, outline how together we supported the entire online shopping workflow for Rent-A-Center using SAP’s Hybris platform. And, how we accomplished the goal by implementing a cloud-based solution with a cluster of Hybris servers in a microservices architecture.

Once implemented, the architecture would scale up and down to meet fluctuating changes in demand using Docker containers to package the application in a format that is easily portable and immutable.

Head on over for the full story of how Rent-A-Center, Flux7 and AWS together created the first ever SAP Hybris Solution in a microservices, ECS-based environment. Additionally, you can see how Rent-A-Center worked with Flux7 to achieve PCI and security with a Security by Design approach in this AWS Summit presentation.

If you are interested in creating secure, compliant, scalable cloud architectures, give us a call today. Our AWS experts would be happy to walk you through our proprietary assessment and map your business needs to an ideal AWS blueprint.

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