IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review


As the pace slows a little in the summer months, we all gain a little more time for housekeeping. In keeping with that theme, in addition to the few DevOps news items from this past week, we’re visiting a couple of research notes that we missed over the past few weeks.

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

According to a report released by Cloud Foundry at its Cloud Foundry Summit last week, for the first time, a majority of companies are putting mission critical apps in the cloud. Moreover, the study found that 74% of companies think of digital transformation as “perpetual shifts and constant adaption of new technology” rather than a one-time fix. And, 62% report they expect containers to be mainstreamed at their organization within a year with 48% using a combination of PaaS, containers and serverless technologies together.

Automating AWS Account and Amazon VPC creation with AWS Step Functions

At Flux7 we work with a wide variety of customers and regardless of their level of IT maturity we are passionate about helping them apply DevOps processes in their pursuit of continuous improvement. In doing so, we naturally find ourselves moving from simple application driven problems to layers deeper in the technology stack where DevOps automation can play a significant role in growing efficiency and productivity. Today we’d like to share the story of how we deployed AWS Step Functions to help drive DevOps automation in pursuit of continuous improvement for a Flux7 customer.

Why we Recommend Everyone use Amazon CloudWatch Logs

For assured success, it is important to monitor your systems for ongoing operational efficiency, security and compliance to internal policies. In June we shared with you our Enterprise DevOps Framework in which inspectors, like logs, play a critical role in analyzing services in the pipeline and landing zone to ensure compliance with operational, security, and regulatory requirements. At Flux7 we universally recommend customers use Amazon CloudWatch Logs for this purpose -- even if you are using Splunk or another log solution, we recommend CloudWatch Logs as a first stop for your logs as it is a more robust solution as we will discuss. First, let’s review Amazon CloudWatch, and CloudWatch Logs and then we’ll discuss why they should be the first stop for your AWS system logs.

AWS Case Studies: Serverless Monitoring and Notification Pipeline

We recently worked with a Fortune 500 manufacturer of heavy equipment that is focused on quality, productivity, and effectively connecting its customers with data-driven insights via technology. As an international, publicly traded organization, it is also careful about managing security, risk and compliance. So, when this manufacturer asked if we could set up an audit and notification system, we were happy to roll up our sleeves and begin work. (You can read here the full case study of this Fortune 100 customer.)

Autoscaling for LAMP on AWS | Choosing an instance type: Part 4

As mentioned in part 1 of this series (Creating a LAMP Stack AMI), a common concern among most customers is to choose the right instance type.

Autoscaling for LAMP on AWS |Creating a LAMP Stack AMI : Part 1

This is part 1 of the AWS Autoscaling Tutorial for LAMP in AWS series. This autoscaling step-by-step guide would walk you through:

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