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    Three AWS Service Catalog Use Cases: Migration, Replication & Experimentation

    Self-service IT is an important goal for many of our clients. They are looking for ways to increase their repeatability and speed the rate at which internal customers are serviced. Service Catalog effectively addresses each of these goals by providing automated infrastructure provisioning through easy buttons. Ops teams create these buttons and make them available to internal customers such as developers, engineers, or QA to easily request, receive and provision pre-approved infrastructure.

    Service Catalog: Your Very Own IT Vending Machine

    I had a friend ask me the other day how many meals I make at dinner time. One, I replied. But, you have kids, she stated incredulously. Yes, but I don’t run a restaurant. And neither does IT. However, IT has been treated like a restaurant for decades, with different people and departments placing their orders for specific technologies, with a dash of speedy service on the side.

    AWS Service Catalog (Amazon Web Services) Delivering Self-Service IT

    re:Invent 2014: What AWS Users Must Know to Plan for Agile Infrastructure

    Last week was AWS re:Invent 2014, the annual Amazon Web Services conference. Every year, the event brings with it the newest announcements in Amazon cloud products, services and strategies.

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