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MySQL Benchmarking on m3.xlarge and m3.2xlarge Instances

In our last post about MySQL benchmarking, we benchmarked MySQL performance on an m3.large instance using both instance store and different types of Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) Elastic Block Store (EBS) storage.

In this post, we have extended the benchmarks on m3.xlarge and m3.2xlarge. We ran the benchmarks with and without optimizations. We explained the optimization and the rationale behind each of them in a previous post about using Sysbench for benchmarking.

Analyzing AWS m3 Instances for Performance & Bandwidth - Flux7 Blog

Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 offers a variety of instance families and types, each serving specific use cases. The instance families include:

Performance Comparison of Wikibench on ‘m3’ Instances

MySQL Benchmarking: Setup, Optimizations & Results Using Sysbench on m3.Large

Throughout the history of our blog, we have shared many posts in regard to benchmarking, such as explaining how to setup and use sysbench for MySQL benchmarking. You can just do a search in the upper right-hand corner for “benchmarking” to find all of these. Today, we are continuing to add to the library!

Using Sysbench to Benchmark MySQL

During our earlier benchmarking activities, we benchmarked applications using wikibench. Remember that wikibench is a web application on a traditional LAMP stack. While analyzing the results, we found that the performance is improved by tuning the MySQL database. This motivated us to benchmark MySQL.

Benchmarking: Network Performance Analysis of r3 Instances

Before now, we have shared a few posts that explore benchmarking and the analysis of the r3 instance family, as well as other instances. You can find any number of those posts here.

Benchmarking: Analysis of r3 Instances Using FIO

Benchmarking: CPU Performance Analysis of r3 instances Using CoreMark

Wikibench Performance on c3 Instances

Today, we explore the performance of wikibench on ‘c3’ instances. The methodology we used is similar to the one we utilized on ‘m3’ instances in this post here.

Benchmarking m3.xlarge with Wikibench

In a recent post, we discussed the basics of the wikibench tool and how it is used for application benchmarking. Today, we’ll discuss how we used the Wikibench tool to benchmark m3.xlarge instance. The operating system used for the purpose of this benchmarking was 64-bit Ubuntu Precise 12.04.

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