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    AWS Case Study: AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate Migration

    We recently worked with a data analytics organization who specializes in data-based decision support within the insurance and financial services industries. Their goal was to migrate their Chef community server to an AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate (OWCA) server in order to reduce management overhead and accelerate high velocity apps. This project was a step in the company’s larger plan to create a DevOps highway in which it sought orchestration automation, configuration management, and CI/CD with AWS services and Chef.

    DevOps as the Minimum Entry Requirement

    Berry Christ, Chef CEO predicted at Chef Conference 2017 that Web and mobile will eventually become table stakes, the lowest bar to market entry. Taking his prediction one step further, we see a day where DevOps will be the minimum entry requirement needed to become and remain market competitive. That may sound aggressive given the fact that only 20% of businesses have adopted DevOps, according to research last October by Gartner. Yet, for organizations that have implemented DevOps, 66% saw faster realization of business value. And, according to McKinsey, firms with high performing IT organizations were twice as likely to exceed their profitability, market share, and productivity goals.

    Chef Tutorial Series, Part 3: Installation in 3 Steps

    In previous posts, Understanding Chef Basics with 3Q’s and Delving into More Chef Basics, we started you on a journey to become better acquainted with Chef elements, their functions, node objects, policies and cookbooks.

    Now that you likely have the fundamentals of Chef in your pantry, today, let’s start cooking with Chef.

    Chef Tutorial Series, Part 2: Delving Into More Chef Basics

    It’s kitchen time again. Put that Chef hat on and let’s check out some more cool stuff.

    In our last postPart 1: Understanding Chef Basics with 3 ‘Wh’ Q’s,” I bundled a whole lot of Chef ingredients. (That features for you lay Chefs.)

    Part 1: Understanding Chef Basics with 3 ‘Wh’ Q’s

    While I believe you have enjoyed the Docker tutorial series, it’s now time to explore yet another interesting DevOps tool. That tool is Chef.

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