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    Lessons Learned from Code Spaces: What to Do with AWS Now

    Code Spaces. Its story is sending shivers up and down the spines of businesses and developers alike, and for good reason. But that doesn’t mean it should stop the progress of cloud migration or significantly change your strategy. In fact, the story brightly shines a light on an issue that is avoidable, and serves as a warning of what can happen in the complex world of cloud architecture.

    Keeping in Check: Fire Drills and Disaster Readiness

    This past weekend, we solved two problems for two customers. They both had working configuration management solutions. One used Puppet; the other used Chef. One was Red Hat-based; the other was Debian-based. But, both of them had the same problem.

    Checklist: Validate DevOps Architecture|Part 1: Understand business needs

    An organization moving to the cloud truly understand cloud’s benefits only when setting up good DevOps methodologies and cloud automation to meets its needs. The process is replete with tool choices at every stage and the overall goal is to understand and meet the organization’s needs.

    AWS Route 53 - A walk through

    Amazon Route 53 is a highly scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service that converts word-based website addresses like www.example.com into IP addresses like

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